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Do you need to submit VAT returns with Making Tax Digital?

If so, you need #GoFile.

If you already have bookkeeping or accounting software software, you can simply import your figures and submit VAT returns using #GoFile.

Don’t yet have any accounting software? #GoFile includes all you need to keep a digital transaction history and file your VAT Returns and fully comply with Making Tax Digital.

Also available in Welsh….

Mae #GoFile hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg! Dechreuwch heddiw am ddim.

MTD Reporting
is awesome

The new digital tax initiative at HMRC will mean you can submit VAT returns, check past submissions, view a history of past payments, and outstanding liabilities – all from one single location.

Not only that, but you’ll find charts of past submissions, along with breakdowns of EU / UK sales and purchases – which you can download and use in your own client reports.

We’re here to help you look great. And if there’s any way we can further enhance the reporting side of things, just let us know!

Making Tax Digital Software at a ridiculously low cost

#GoFile costs next-to-nothing. It’s such simple software that our costs are very, very low. And those savings are passed entirely on to you. The software costs just £19.95 per company per year, and this is further discounted if you are an agent [click here for details] This price includes all your VAT returns for the full year. No extra fees, no hidden surcharge. Just low cost software that works.

Low cost Making Tax Digital VAT software that simply works

  • HMRC Recognised – MTD Ready
  • No commitment – cancel anytime
  • Free to register & get started
Making Tax Digital cheap submission software

Free Edition – Free Forever

Making Tax Digital VAT software
For Free, Forever

  • View Past VAT Returns
  • View Current VAT Obligations
  • View Current VAT Liabilities
  • View VAT Payment History
  • Integrate with HMRC’s MTD Service
  • Test all features of the software for Free
  • No obligation to use paid edition, free forever
  • Full support from our dedicated team

Get Started For Free

For Individuals & Companies

£19.95 +VAT

per company
per year

  • Simple 9-box VAT Return Filings
  • Covers all MTD VAT Returns for a full year
  • Works with *all* UK VAT Schemes
  • Import and submit VAT Returns from any bookkeeping software – even your own spreadsheets
  • Suitable for all company types, including Sole Traders, Companies, LLPs & Charities
  • Full support from our dedicated team

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For Agents & Accountants

From £1.99 +VAT

per month

  • Flexible tiered pricing [see plans]
  • Save up to 80% on standard rates
  • Manage unlimited companies from a single login
  • Price includes all Making Tax Digital VAT Returns for a full year
  • Compatible with commercial software like Sage, as well as normal spreadsheets
  • Receive priority support from your accounts manager

Get Started For Free

I have a question!

Does this software work with Sage / my commercial bookkeeping software?

Yes… #GoFile works well with most bookkeeping software, including Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage Instant, and most other Sage packages, as well as Money, Quickbooks, and other third party bookkeeping software.

You do not usually need to upgrade your version of Sage, or change your accounting software.

All you’ll need is an export of your VAT Return in CSV format. #GoFile is already compatible with Sage VAT Returns, and will allow you to submit them to HMRC, with no additional work or changes.

If you have a question about a specific file format, please register for an account, and contact support to confirm compatibility with your specific software.

Does this work with Excel / Apple Numbers / Google Sheets / my own spreadsheets?

Yes, #GoFile works with all bookkeeping software, including your own spreadsheets.

If you record your VAT transactions in a spreadsheet, all you’ll need to do is digitally link your VAT Return to your transaction history.

If you need help with this, once you’ve registered, please see the video tutorials and example spreadsheets in the How To : Tutorials section

I still do our books the old fashioned way with pen & paper. Can we use your system?

With Making Tax Digital, one requirement is that you will need to keep a digital record of your transactions. It is no longer acceptable to use paper records to calculate your VAT Return.

As such you will need bookkeeping software of some kind, in order to keep your records in the required format.

If you need bookkeeping software, try our sister company for a cheap, user-friendly solution at https://10minuteaccounts.com

Can I have a trial of your software?

Yes. In fact, you can sign up absolutely free, and try all features of the software, with no need to pay at all.

You can test out the integration, and try importing a CSV file with your figures, and test connecting the software to HMRC.

You’ll only need to pay once you’ve committed to using the software, and are ready to submit your first VAT Return with Making Tax Digital.

Is your software compatible with an Apple Mac / Windows XP / Excel 97?

#GoFile is Cloud Software. This means it runs in your browser. There’s nothing to download, and it’ll work with your existing computer, with no changes necessary.

#GoFile is compatible with all internet-capable computers, including Apple Macs.

How much does this software cost?

#GoFile is exceptionally low cost software, and costs almost nothing.

For current pricing, please see: Pricing

Will this software keep working after April 2020?

Yes our software is fully compliant with the Digital Link requirement from April 2020.

Until April 2020, there is a ‘soft-landing’ where you can manually copy figures from your software into the VAT Return.

After April 2020, you will need to ensure your VAT Return is generated by your software.

#GoFile is compatible with both scenarios, and you will be able to continue using it to submit returns after April 2020.

Do you support the Flat Rate / Margin / Global Accounting / Cash VAT scheme?

Yes, #GoFile supports all VAT schemes.

You will normally use your own software or spreadsheets to calculate the 9-box VAT return, and import this for submission to HMRC.

Our software does not perform any calculations on your behalf. It simply enables you to import and submit a 9-box VAT return, regardless of which VAT scheme you are using.

I manage several companies. Can I submit all VAT Returns from one login?
Yes, you can add as many companies as you like with your single login, and submit VAT Returns separately for each one.
Can I file a return as a sole-trader? Or just as an incorporated?

#GoFile is suitable for all company types.

The software simply allows you to submit a VAT Return with Making Tax Digital. It makes no distinction between submitting for a sole-trader or submitting for a limited company.

All you need is a VAT Number, and you’ll be able to submit returns with #GoFile.

I am an accountant. Can I file for several companies at once?

Yes. Please ensure you set your account as an Agent / Accountant during the initial setup.

You can then add as many companies as you like, and file VAT Returns individually for each one.

As an accountant, you’ll receive a bulk discount on pricing – please see the pricing page for more details

I have another question?

If you have a question not listed above, you might find that your question is answered by registering for an account. This is completely free to do, and you can then explore the software and see how it works.

If you still would like to ask a question before registering, please click here to access the Contact Form.

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