Our ethos

At #GoFile we want to be more than just another tech company.

We are passionate believers in trying to make the world a better place – especially where a small change can have an exponential impact for good.

With this in view, we’ve pledged to donate a portion of any profits we make to improving the world for others.

To do this most effectively, we actively seek opportunities to support grass roots organisations, NGOs and charities that are working in the most needy places in the world.

We’ve found that even seemingly small donations can have an exponentially large impact on entire communities.

We also feel that a key factor in long term improvement in the world can be found through technology. For example, providing a smartphone, with internet access and simple education on how to use the device, can give a village instant access to email, online learning, banking, and even employment.

When you use our services, you’ll be a small part of something bigger – and in a small way, help us change lives.Ā